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Innovations and Advantages

Pressed Right-PR 25-Safety-Guard

Ease of Cleaning & Washdown = More Time Juicing & More Profits

Pressed Right Equipment is washdown. That means you cover a couple keep components, take a hose to it, wash it down, and then dry it with a towel. You can’t do this with any other machine. Time is money. We estimate we can save our customers at least 30 minutes per day because we can do this. Using apples as an example, means you could make about 10 more gallons a day versus any other machine. 10 gallons is 80, 16oz bottles per day. If your profit margin is $1.50, that means you could make an additional $120 per day. Assuming a 21 day working month, that is $2520 per month or $30,240 per year! No other machine was designed in such a way as to maximize your profits.

More Shredding and Extraction Area = Less Labor, More Juice, Faster

The Pressed Right Shredder has the most shredding or grinding surface area of any competitive machine. This means you shred more produce per hour faster. We also don’t add any heat. Our press cycle is faster and gives you better extraction because our unique design allows juice to escape through the entire press bag instead of just at the bottom. Our unique bolt joint compensators on our hydraulic platen lets the press conform to the ever changing shape of the press bag so you deliver more force where you need it. We also have more tons of force and weigh almost twice as much as competitive machines.

Employee Safety – Lower Your Insurance Premium

Pressed Right equipment was designed in mind with keeping your operators safe. Sure, safety features cost more, but we think your employees are worth it. Pressed Right shredders are the only shredding and grinding equipment with a safety interlock. You can’t operate the Shredder without the feed tube in place. Competative machines don’t have this. We also place Safety Guards on our machine, Have 2 Emergency Stops, Circuit Protection on all of our motors, Wet environment plug and cord, and Main Electrical Disconnect. No other machine has these features.

The Most Sanitary Cold Press Juicer Available

Pressed Right conforms to ANSI/NSF Standard 8 and has the sticker to prove it for your health department inspection. This means you can visually verify that all surfaces are clean. We also weld our seams and don’t use bolt together construction methods that create crevices and require silicone sealants. Competitors use silicone sealants that eventually wear and can end up in your juice. Bolt together construction methods mean there are holes and crevices that are impossible to clean and could harbor bacteria. We don’t use gaskets that wear and shed as a shedding gasket ends up in your juice. We went the extra mile when we created Pressed Right. We didn’t cut corners.


– Exclusive ball joint compensation delivers press pressure right where you need it. We conform to your press bag.

– Exclusive press board design allows juice to escape from the entire press bag instead of just the bottom.

– Largest capacity juice tray. Go from pan, to refigerator, and repeat.

– We don’t use clumsy, juice collection systems that waste time disconnecting, reconnecting, and keep your juice exposed longer to air.

–  Least amount of fasteners. Smart design means only 1 fastener for Pressed Right. Competitors use up to 13 to disassemble.

– Same Press Bag for PR100 snd PR200. No different, more expensive bags to buy as your business requires larger output equipment.

– (1) Cord and Plug for both Press and Shredder. Cord and plug are designed for wet processing environments.

– Smallest footprint Cold Press Juicer for 10 – 40+ gallons per hour.

– Designed based on standards commonly accepted for fruit and vegetable processing.

– More safety features than any other cold press juicer.

– High quality german shredding blades.

– Made in the United States.