PR 25ns

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PR 25s

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PR 100ns

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PR 100s

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Pressed Right S 100

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Pressed Right 100 S


The Pressed Right 100 is designed for professionals pressing 100 gallons of juice per hour.  It has a stainless steel frame.  It is completely washdown rated and can be used in any commerical kitchen.   This model also has the attached shredder.

Pressed Right 100 S Brochure


  •    Up to 100 Gallons Per Hour of Juice
  •     Fits Through Standard Doorway
  •     Stainless Steel, Washdown Construction
  •     Conforms to ANSI/NSF Standard 8
  •     Electrical – 208 Volt, Single Phase (115 Volt Available)
  •     Easy Start/Stop Button Operation
  •     Portable

Pressed Right-PR 100-side-platen-no-hands        Pressed Right-PR 100-wheels-swivel