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Cold Press

Cold pressing is the process of extracting nutrient rich juice from fresh produce by using high pressure exerted through a Hydraulic Press or Commercial Juicer.  On the other hand, grinding or blending, uses a blade with a motor which adds heat to the process.  Therefore, giving the term “Cold” press to machines which use Hydraulic Presses.  The pressing action helps keep the nutrient rich enzymes intact and is the closet you will get to raw unadulterated juice.

At Pressed Right we make cold press machines that use hydraulic press technology to exert high pressure to extract liquids from fruits and vegetables to make juice without adding any heat in a sanitary manner.  Our machines are the ONLY commercial juice press machines (of their size) that are built to NSF standards, sanitary, all stainless steel, and wash down.  We take sanitation seriously and we believe in full transparency in how your juice is made.  So make sure you and your favorite juice company are using Pressed Right Commercial Juicers.