Why Pressed Right Commercial Juicers? Pt. II: Our Convictions

In the last three years, the demand for fresh pressed, unpasteurized juice has rapidly increased. More and more people are choosing the health benefits found only in raw juice products. From coast to coast, this phenomenon has taken hold and continues to expand.

Having spent about five years working with competitive juicing equipment, Pressed Right saw an opportunity to offer a revolutionary hydraulic juice press for the commercial juicer market. Drawing upon over 30 years of past experience in the design, manufacture, and servicing of fresh cut and food processing equipment, Pressed Right went to work to manufacture its own hydraulic juice press. Having seen the pitfalls and shortcomings of current commercial juicing equipment, Pressed Right developed its commercial juicers guided by the following market trends:

–       Point of Sale Presence

Pressed Right wanted to create a hydraulic juice press owners could present in their store-front window or retail location. To accomplish this, Pressed Right developed Commercial Juice Presses which attract attention, are easy to use, and safe to operate.

–       Washdown

All other food processing equipment, such as deli processing equipment, is made to be easily washed and cleaned. All current high capacity (10+ gph) hydraulic juice pressing equipment, does not satisfy this criterion. Pressed Right believes that the juice community deserves similar standards and that soon press manufactures will and should be regulated as such.

–       Sanitary Design

After review of the current competitive offerings, Pressed Right realized that no press in its commercial juicer class was of a sanitary design. Because existing fresh produce processing equipment is built to a sanitary design standard, Pressed Right wanted to offer the same industry standards for its commercial juicers.

–       Transparency

No fresh press juice company invites you to see the pressing equipment they use to create their juice products. Because Pressed Right is guided by the principles of full disclosure and transparency our presses are built for public viewing. Customers purchasing raw food products deserve nothing less than a partner equally committed to their health and well-being.

We invite you to compare our juice press with any competitive press in the industry feature for feature. We believe that you will find that Pressed Right is the best solution for your fresh press juicing needs.