Why Go Industrial?

The question is legitimate- “Is it okay to make juice at an ‘industrial’ rate”? And we won’t argue the answer to that question- Pressed Right is here to attempt a solution.


The raw juice market is booming, and all those high quality counter top machines just aren’t made to run 24/7. So you need a solution that provides the same high quality juice more efficiently. This is the problem Pressed Right was created to solve.


First, Quality Juice: Our presses use the cold press method, just on a larger scale. This minimizes exposure to heat and oxygen while maintaining the integrity of the juice.


Second, Meeting Market Demand: The math is simple; demand has gone up and your free time goes down. The line is out the door, the local yoga center is calling asking for a fridge full of cleanses, and your employees are exhausted. Something has got to give.


Until Pressed Right, no one sought to provide a third way.


So, the question has changed: “Does Pressed Right provide you a solution?”