Sanitary Design


The Pressed Right Series of Hydraulic Juice Presses and Shredders are based on proven and accepted industry practices and engineering for commercial food grade processing equipment. This means that units are constructed to be sanitary and conform to ANSI/NSF Standard 8.  All equipment was designed and engineered based upon accepted sanitary construction requirements and with an NSF authority. Pressed Right hydraulic juice presses are ETL listed, to satisfy your local health department (though always double check!). This is a first for the Commercial Juicer class of presses.

Pressed Right standards for Sanitary Construction for Food Grade Equipment are as follows:

1. All Equipment is Washdown once control panel and oil cap are covered.

a. This includes the Motor, Electrical, and Hydraulics

b. Washdown means you can hose down the press

2. All Equipment is constructed of Stainless Steel.

3. Juice and Produce only contact FDA approved surfaces – polypropyelene, polyester (press bags) and stainless steel.

4. No enclosed member is penetrated. This means that if a hollow cylinder, rod, tube, or juice press platen exists, it is completely welded shut and not penetrated by a screw, nut, bolt, or anything else. Penetrated members create areas that are a.) impossible to clean, and b.) harbor areas for bacterial growth. This is not sanitary.

5. Surfaces are sloped to drain such that juice will not pool and potentially create a place for bacteria to grow.

6. Unit is portable, allowing the unit to be placed in an area that is designated a washdown/cleaning location.

7. In order to be cleaned, the unit is constructed with the minimum amount of fasteners (screws, nuts, bolts).

8. All surfaces requiring cleaning can be verified as clean visually.

9. All potential pinch points are minimized.

ONLY Pressed Right Presses and Shredders satisfy this criteria.

– Stainless Steel, Washdown Motor

– Stainless Steel, Washdown

Hydraulic Reservoir

– No Platen penetration by screws, nuts, bag stays, or bolts.

– All Juice contacts Stainless Steel

– Pinch Points Minimized

– Sloped Surfaces

– Complete, Stainless Steel Washdown Press

– Sloped Surfaces

– Guarding on the moving platen of the press so body parts cannot be trapped in the hydraulic cylinder.

– Washdown Electrical Panel

– Washdown Machine

– Sloped Surfaces

– No rectangular stainless steel members are exposed. They are all welded shut.