Industrial Juicer!? Shouldn’t I make smaller batches?

The question is legitimate- “Is it right to make juice at an ‘industrial’ rate?”

Peer pressure aside, Pressed Right is here to attempt a solution.

The raw juice market is booming, and all those high quality counter top machines just aren’t made to run 24/7. So you need a solution that provides the same high quality raw juice more efficiently.

This is the problem Pressed Right was created to solve.


First, Quality Juice:

Floating around out there is an assumption that producing juice in “small batches” is the only way to produce a quality juice.

There was a good argument for this until Pressed Right showed up. It is simply no longer true. Time to leave received wisdom in the dustbin of history.    Pressed Right presses use the cold press method, just on a larger scale. The cold press method minimizes exposure to heat and oxygen, thus maintaining the integrity of the juice as best possible.

When a raw food chef with experience working on the highest quality cold press juicers was asked recently about how Pressed Right’s juice compared with other industry leaders; she responded, “Honestly, just as good, if not better!”

Taste before you judge.


Second, Meeting Market Demand:

The math is simple; demand for raw juice exploded and your free time has imploded. The line is out the door, the local yoga center is calling asking for a fridge full of cleanses, and your employees are exhausted. Something has got to give… usually it’s either your countertop juicer or your profit.


Until Pressed Right, no manufacturers sought to provide a solution. Our goal has always been and always will be to produce the highest quality juice as efficiently as possible.

So, the question has changed: “Does Pressed Right provide you a solution?”