Pasteurization of juice is the process of heating juice to a specific temperature for a specific period of time in order to kill microorganisms that could cause disease, spoilage or undesired fermentation.  Unfortunately it kills the “good stuff” too.

At Pressed Right we make commercial juice press machines that are of sanitary construction.  This means all stainless steel, no holes for juice to collect, sloped surfaces for juice to run off, and all our machine surfaces can be visually verified as clean.  Pressed Right juice presses can also be completely hosed down, including motor and electrical components.  That means no “bad” bacteria in your fresh pressed juice.

We use hydraulic press technology to exert high pressure to extract liquids from fruits and vegetables to make juice without adding any heat or pasteurization.  Our machines are the ONLY commercially available juice press machines (making 10-60 gallons per hour) that are built to NSF standards, sanitary, all stainless steel, and wash down.  We take sanitation seriously and  we believe in full transparency in how your juice is made.  So make sure you and your favorite juice company are using Pressed Right Commercial Juicers.