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PR 25s

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About Us



Pressed Right began when a group of juice enthusiasts came into contact with an engineer who shared a passion for the raw cold pressed juice market. From different vantage points, it had been their experience that the raw juice industry could not reach it’s full potential due to the lack of industrial equipment designed specifically for it’s needs.

Till this point, the only equipment available on the market was designed for other industries such as apple cider production. As a result, out of necessity large whole sale juice companies were being forced to use the wrong tool in their shops.

Various issues dealing with sanitation, production efficiency, juice quality, and employee safety resulted. So pulling their various areas of expertise together, the founders of Pressed Right decided to provide raw juice producers the cold press equipment they need; capable of producing the highest quality raw juice as efficiently as possible. Now, from coast to coast, Pressed Right equipment is delivering that high quality juice and challenging juice equipment manufacturers to new standards.

We are the leading manufacturer of sustainable, high performance hydraulic cold press juice machines.



1. MORE FORCE… What does this mean for you? – MORE YIELD and FASTER PRODUCTION… the more force you apply during the press cycle more juice will come out of the produce faster. Flow rates and pressure fluctuations also affect water characteristics and quality.

2. FUNCTIONALITY… The grinder on the PR G2 Series is easier to use and very efficient, just clamp the cover on and turn it on.

3. DURABILITY… The PR Series is designed to work around the clock – 24/7!!! – MORE OIL… The PR-25-G2 holds three gallons and the PR- 100-G2 holds nine gallons – this keeps the systems running cooler, oil won’t breakdown and pressure stays consistent. This allows the machine to be in an environment that runs around the clock

4.Fromoperationstocleaning…Overall- simpler,fasterandmore!!!